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However it is you want to grow and reach your full potential, Growth Potential can support you on your path to excellence. Whether it is your own personal growth, that of your people or your organisation, we work with you to tailor a customised programme. We offer a range of approaches to facilitate that growth, including executive coaching, business coaching and business consulting. Broadly, we work in the following two areas:

Individual growth - Executive Coaching 

We coach individual executives on the road to personal and/or professional success. The agenda is very much defined by the client and the answers very much reside within the client. In an environment of unconditional support, acceptance and trust, we work with individuals to figure out what is important to them and what they want to do about it. By a combination of powerful questions and active listening, we support them in identifying values, removing obstacles, challenging self-limiting beliefs, identifying what empowers them and developing goals and an action plan. We then continue to work with the client over a period of time in the pursuit of agreed outcomes. 

Typically, the most effective coaching relationships require eight to ten sessions, with sessions taking place every two to three weeks. The client is in charge of the coaching programme and makes the decisions about how often they wish to meet and when to start and stop coaching.

Organisational growth - Business Coaching and Consulting

We support organisations in their growth through business coaching and/or consulting. Growth includes but is not limited to financial growth. It can also include people development, diversification, new technologies, acquisitions and joint ventures. We work with the client to develop an agreed programme depending on what growth they want to achieve. That may involve defining business imperatives such as vision, mission and values. It may involve executive coaching as outlined above, or business or group coaching to achieve agreed outcomes. It may involve leveraging off the consulting expertise and industry knowledge we can offer. Once a programme of work has been agreed, we work with clients to keep them focused, challenged and accountable.
For examples of success, see Client Testimonials

 Retaining & Optimising All Your Talent

We support organisations in retaining & optimising all their talent. "The Double X Factor" is a series of programmes, promoting gender balance in the workplace as a Business Opportunity. See here for more detail.

"We are what we do repeatedly. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit" Aristotle


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