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Client Testimonials
Mary gives 100% commitment all the time. She brings order to complex environments and I rate her problem solving, project management skills and ability to deal with stressful situations very highly. She works from the ‘bigger picture’, always gets to the best decision, using logic and a clear and easily explained fact based approach. Her ability to analyse situations and data to come to a conclusion or course of action and to understand and clearly explain data trends and variances are balanced by a good “gut feel” element. She creates a positive “can-do” attitude which people find motivating. Her leadership and communication style is open and inclusive – she demonstrates empathy and listens and hears what others are saying. I see her as very flexible, willing to try new approaches and freely contributing good suggestions across a large range of areas. Mary remains calm in all situations and I always felt confident that she was in control and would get a good result.
Helen Ryan, CEO, Creganna Tactx Medical

Mary was an executive coach with BEC Consultants Ltd and had an extremely positive influence on the individual managers she worked with and the company as a whole.  She was able to assist managers with assessing and clarifying their role in the company and the role of work in their lives.  At a company level ....she facilitated the management team producing a 5 year strategy for the company that we are now implementing....... I think we all feel that the strategy has provided the company with more direction and impetus.
Jim Martin, Managing Director, BEC Consultants Ltd

Mary Carroll coached us in developing a sales process aimed at delivering fast growth in sales of engineering solutions to the Medical Device sector. She did an excellent job in taking our value proposition for this sector on board and acting as a catalyst for the development of a robust sales process. This sales process, which included rolling out new and complex offerings, delivered a marked increase in sales in this sector. Our value proposition was far from clear until Mary analysed it and helped build it.
Mary exceeded expectations in that she moulded the team into a unit. She also took part in the early customer visits and played a key role in clarifying the offer and winning over the early customers.
I would recommend Mary's skills and enthusiasm to other organisations. These skills are broad and include team coaching, process design, customer facing activities, drawing up achievable but demanding project schedules and innovative approaches to obstacles.
Mark McArdle, Managing Director, Festo Ireland


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